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It stars Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker, and Sean Harris. The plot centers on a linguistics professor who, after a near-death experience, begins to communicate with aliens, whom he eventually names. The film was released in the United States on November 11, 2016. Set in present-day China, Arrival follows linguistics professor Louise Banks (Amy Adams) who, following a near-death experience, begins to experience auditory hallucinations of her deceased mother (Jolie), and discovers a way to communicate with them. An institution in a remote area of China, the communication center "The Door", develops a device to enable her and an employee, a translator named Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner), to communicate with the aliens, whom Banks names Eina ("mother") and Elle (latin for "it"). Villeneuve wanted to direct the film while working on the script for Prisoners (2013), which would have its North American release in 2015. When Prisoners was delayed, he was directed to produce Arrival, and wrote the screenplay with Eric Heisserer, who had written the story for Prisoners. Villeneuve discussed his desire for the film to be different, and create a more timeless science fiction film. The film marked the first collaboration between Villeneuve and Arrival screenwriter Eric Heisserer. The film is a co-production between Canada, France, and the United States. The film was produced by Villeneuve's company, Paris-based Lot 49, as well as the Canada-based companies StudioCanal and The Weinstein Company. Canada's National Film Board of Canada produced the film. The film received several awards, including Best Film at the BAFTAs and the Academy Awards. Pre-production In November 2012, Deadline Hollywood reported that director Denis Villeneuve would helm Arrival, but the film had no financing, casting, or producers. Villeneuve had already started work on Prisoners (2013), an espionage thriller co-written by himself, Eric Heisserer, and Chris Terrio. After the script was finished, Villeneuve began writing the script for Arrival. The film centers on a linguistics professor who, after a near-death experience, begins to communicate with aliens, whom she eventually names. The film marks Villeneuve's first collaboration with screenwriter Eric Heisserer, who had been nominated for the Academy Award for Writing



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Download Movie Arrival (English) In Hindi marfior
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